One area of my research is directed at problems of national, ethnic, racial, religious and linguistic diversity within and between states, with a particular focus on minorities and migrants. Such identity questions mark the region of approximation between domestic and international politics and raise fundamental concerns of security, law, and governance.

I am the author of two leading academic monographs in this area, National Minorities and the European Nation-States System, and Minority Rights: Between Diversity and Community. Both of these books have been translated into foreign languages (Turkish and Polish respectively). I have also written more than twenty articles and book chapters.

I work closely with leading international and non-governmental organizations including the OSCE’s High Commissioner on National Minorities, the Council of Europe, the European Centre for Minority Issues (Germany), and the Tom Lantos Institute (Hungary). I was an expert advisor to the Council of Europe Advisory Committee’s Fourth Thematic Commentary on the Scope of Application of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities (2016), as well as an expert advisor in the drafting of the OSCE Ljubljana Guidelines on Integration of Diverse Societies (2012).